School Security Systems in London – Harris Federation

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The Harris Federation is a not-for-profit charity with over 25 years’ experience of education in and around London. We have built our reputation on a family of Academies that, across the board, are setting standards of excellence and fulfilling high expectations.

Zest has had the honour of designing, installing, commissioning  and maintaining 10 of the Harris Federation’s sites in London. The projects included access control systems for teachers and pupils. We also commissioned Fire alarm systems across all of the sites.

At each location Zest installed and commissioned barrier control systems, CCTV systems and intruder alarms. 

The projects also involved installation and commissioning of disabled refuge systems.

Public Fire Alarms & NI Water

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Northern Ireland Water is a Government Owned Company (GoCo), set up in April 2007 to provide the water and sewerage services in Northern Ireland.

They deliver clean, safe drinking water to approximately 840,000 households and businesses. They supply customers with approximately 560 million litres of good quality drinking water every day. They collect approximately 330 million litres of wastewater per day from around 669,000 households and organisations connected to the sewerage system and transfer it to a works where it is treated and disposed of safely.

Zest has been contracted to maintain fire alarms and intruder alarms across 700 associated buildings for NI Water. We look forward to working with everyone at NI Water for many years to come.

Client Name: NI Water, Location: Northern Ireland

Sector: Public Works/Civil